2012 WRAP UP

Looking back on the lightning fast year that was 2012, it has definitely been a huge year for us at Bottles of Australia.

We have had the great pleasure in introducing a number of new and exciting products and changes within the company. At a glance here are a few:

  • After 20 years we’ve had a full company facelift. All new logo and brand identity takes us into 2013. We look as great as our products! – Launch of our new Lifestyle range FRISCH. The Frisch range features Stainless Steel, Aluminium and double walled products, as well as easy to carry clear Triton bottles, keeping you hydrated and fashionable.
  • New products and updates. Our Earthtrail range sees 2 new bottles added to the lineup, and the BOA Oxygen and Bubbles bottles have been re-designed by our product designers to give them an updated look and better hold in the hand.
  • Pricing adjustments have been made across many of our ranges which sees in most cases a drop in price amongst our products. We have managed to do this by streamlining and refining some of our internal procedures, then passing the savings on.
  • All new look catalogues and pricelists- and of course THE WEBSITE!!
  • Anton and everyone here at Bottles of Australia look forward to delivering more new and exciting products to the market next year and seeing you out and about. Remember- keep hydrated!