Water is a vital part of life, the more water you drink the happier and healthier you will be. Most experts recommend drinking around two litres a day but most people do not drink anywhere near that. One of the problems is not having water on hand at all times. The best way to solve this is to carry a water bottle with you at all times, then you can stay well hydrated no matter what.

Bottles of Australia has a wide range of fantastic water bottles available for every situation. We make sports bottles, adventure bottles and lifestyle bottles in a range of colours, styles and sizes so you can be sure that you will be able to find the ideal bottle.

Our sports bottles are made to be easy to use, durable and light. When you are on the go you want to be able to hydrate without stopping and our bottles will ensure that you can drink without pausing. We have a number of sizes and sipper styles available so you can find the right bottle.

The adventure range is made for people who love to push the limits, people who are out amongst it, climbing, running, hiking and exploring. We have a number of great bottles made from tough materials like stainless steel, and with innovations like double walled stainless steel thermoses, seamless aluminium bottles and transparent Triton protein shakers.

Our lifestyle bottles mean you can stay stylish whilst keeping healthy and hydrated with our range of thermal mugs, stainless steel bottles, translucent travel bottles, and double walled thermoses. You can stay well hydrated with our great range of lifestyle bottles that are available in lots of fun colours and styles.

Bottles of Australia, keeping Australia hydrated whether you are on the go or taking it easy.