The Garema to Braddon Project will deliver a landmark change for Garema Place as part of a master-planned mini-precinct. It will strengthen retail trade in the area and maximise desirable spaces for people to meet and relax within the urban fabric of the city heart.

Geocon will work closely with the new City Renewal Authority to improve the amenity of this key location through an innovative approach to community engagement, place-making and partnership. A new luxury hotel will increase Canberra’s appeal to visitors seeking a six-star travel experience, and substantially increase the number of high-end rooms available in the national capital.

As Canberra’s largest developer and the fastest-growing developer of high-rise apartments in Australia, Geocon is uniquely placed to provide a home-grown solution to reverse the demise of Garema Place. We have the capacity and the vision to deliver The Garema to Braddon Project.

The Garema to Braddon Project will deliver on the ACT Government’s desire to make the city a place where people want to go through excellent design, welcoming public spaces and as a backdrop for great events.

Garema is an indigenous word meaning “camp”. Geocon’s vision for the Garema to Braddon Project is to go beyond what is required to simply tick boxes for a development application. We are committed to returning the area to a delightful central meeting place for people to eat, stay and socialise; a true community locale which draws both locals and visitors alike to a network of diverse zones, and allows them to flow through to destinations beyond.

Designed to reactivate a rundown commercial area, the improved public spaces will support increased traffic to both events and local businesses. The Garema to Braddon Project will be a lifeline for the city heart.

About The Garema to Braddon Project

Over the past decade, Canberra’s CBD fringe has enjoyed pockets of rejuvenation, from the NewActon precinct to City West to hip Braddon. But with the notable exception of the constantly-evolving Canberra Centre, the very heart of the city has remained largely untouched, with little investment in maintaining, let alone developing new properties there.

That is about to change.

Geocon’s purchase of the Garema Centre heralds a new era for the city heart. Not only will we deliver a luxury hotel in the CBD, but we will drive the transformation of Garema Place from a rundown, lifeless plaza to a vibrant public realm where people can stay, explore and enjoy.

Further, the transformation of this key city location will reconnect the city heart to the Canberra Centre and Braddon beyond, making an historic and lasting impression of a world-class city that we are excited to call The Garema to Braddon Project.


The ACT Government is committed to a vibrant city heart and design-led urban renewal with a focus on social and environmental sustainability.

As a local company, we are proud to partner with world-class designers who have an unparalleled track record on delivering superb urban precincts. These include Fender Katsalidis Architects and Oculus Urban Design, the creative team behind the NewActon precinct, and other landmark developments such as MONA in Tasmania (FKA), and the Rouse Hill town centre in Sydney (Oculus).

Geocon is conducting a comprehensive community consultation process to seek ideas from Canberrans for the public spaces. We welcome contributions and encourage people to find out more and share in our excitement. Together, we want to shape the city for the better, today and into the future.

Project information

Project collaborators

At Fender Katsalidis Architects we listen, think, investigate and collaborate. We seek the simple, compelling solution. Our process through feasibility, design and documentation, enhanced by 3-D ‘information rich’ virtual building environments, is acclaimed by our clients and the international design community.

OCULUS’s work is founded on the belief that people and their interactions form the core of great public space. Our focus is on the everyday routine of daily life, rather than on spectacle, style, and event. We work to create designs that connect people to one another and to the larger environment—a dialogue between the individual and the collective that is physical, sensorial, phenomenal, and at times indescribable.

GEOCON is Canberra’s powerhouse integrated property enterprise with capabilities across development, construction, hospitality management and investment. Our hallmark is architecturally stunning buildings that deliver a new standard of contemporary living, and a level of amenity and quality inclusions that is unparalleled in Canberra. We are passionate about our city and building its future.

Abode Group has rapidly become a market leader in modern, affordable accommodation in Canberra and surrounds through its Abode apartment hotels portfolio. The group has recently branched out into new hospitality ventures, including restaurants, bars and cafes, bringing new amenity and lifestyle opportunities to Canberra. The priority of this rapidly expanding business is to be a leading provider of affordable, stylish and convenient accommodation and food and beverage choices across the ACT.

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