An accomplished mediator and solicitor with over four decades of experience in the legal profession.

Throughout his long and varied career, Gary has built a reputation for pragmatism, interpersonal skills, and a no-nonsense approach to resolving disputes.

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Gary Alan Robb

For the past two years, Gary has been conducting private mediations for local and interstate firms, with most of the mediations leading to a resolution of the matter.

Areas of expertise

Personal injury

Gary is a recognised expert in all aspects of personal injury law, including medical negligence and worker’s compensation. Law firms frequently engage Gary to build consensus and find solutions that work for all parties.

Commercial disputes

Gary helps his clients avoid the expense of litigation by settling commercial disputes outside the courtroom. He understands the nuances of commercial law and the importance of acting with discretion.

Estate disputes

For the people involved, estate disputes can be emotionally and financially draining. Gary possesses the empathy and people skills to help his clients work through their disagreement with minimal stress and disruption.

Career highlights

2015 - present
General Counsel, Consultant
Canberra Legal Group
2013 - 2015
Hill & Rummery Solicitors
2010 - 2013
Managing Director
Dixon Advisory Law
2007 - 2009
State Practice Group Leader
Slater and Gordon
2003 - 2006
Managing Partner
Gary Robb & Associates
1999 - 2002
Ken Cush & Associates
1986 - 1999
Managing Partner
Gary Robb & Associates
1983 - 1986
Liu & Robb
1981 - 1983
Sole Practitioner
Gary Robb & Associates
1979 - 1981
Colquhoun Murphy Constance Phillips
1977 - 1978
Joseph P Murphy & Co. Wodonga


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